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A community film project in Blackpool

Wish You Were Here is a  community film project facilitated by artist and director Rachel Valentine Smith, to put the voices, ideas and imaginations of the people of Blackpool front and centre in dreaming of the town's future.

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More about the project

What does it mean to belong? How could empty shops be transformed? How do you want government and council to spend money? What do you love about Blackpool that you want to celebrate? Exploring questions such as these in a creative workshop we will work together to create a future vision of Blackpool. These ideas will be turned into a film. No one knows Blackpool better than the people that live in the area and contribute to the community day after day, and as the government move forward with their "levelling up" agenda this project aims to reclaim some agency.

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When is it

Saturday 16th July 11am - 3pm

Creative workshop

Drop in for an hour or two (or more!)

@ Art B&B (click for map)

Sunday 17th July 10.30am-6.30pm

Filming Day - one hour slots

Online option

If you aren't free to join us but would like to contribute please check out the info below and get in touch with any questions

Who can join?

Any residents of Blackpool! Please note any under 14's should be accompanied by an adult. 

About the artist

I am award-winning theatre and film director and artist. My short films have been selected for festivals across the world and my theatre work has been produced across the UK. I have worked with young people, adults and artists in the UK, Lebanon, US and South Africa. I was born in Blackpool, her whole family are from the town and my Mum has maintained this important connection. This project is part of my current MA at Goldsmiths University. More can be find on the rest of the website.


How will it work?

At the end of the creative workshop on Saturday ideas will be mapped out and planned ahead of filming on the Sunday.


The Sunday filming sessions will happen around the town with participants guiding us through a future vision.


The filming will be scheduled between 10.30am and 6.30pm and folks are welcome to join for the whole day but will only need to sign up for an hour max. as determined the day before.

The film will be edited as a documentary of the future, mapping Blackpool as dreamed of by the participants.

Filming Streets

Contribute online

There is no right or wrong way to do this, but below are some provocations and suggestions of how to respond.


What makes Blackpool, Blackpool? What are three things that would make a difference to the everyday life of Blackpool's residents (be specific - so perhaps rather than "money" its money for a community garden/ a football for everyone under 18 etc etc). Is there a building, street or specific location in the town that you can let your imagination run wild on to give it a certain future?

What does the future (of Blackpool) look like to you?

Sharing your ideas

You can express your idea(s) however you best see fit, here are some ideas if you are stuck, get in touch if you need any support or tips:  If you have access to a camera phone video an imaginary conversation with a building of your choosing; record a voice note; Write it all down with a request for it to be read; take a photo(s); perform and record  an expressive dance in front of an empty shop; a letter to past/future; a poem to parliament.

Your responses should be genuine, but can be specific and practical or more structural and imaginative. Please name any files with your name

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Thanks for submitting!

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