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Co-created by Amelia Donkor & Rachel Valentine Smith
very freely adapted from Lorca

"Cerebral, raw...stimulating... a joyful and refreshingly optimistic call to create art in the face of our past and present struggles."  THE STAGE

★ ★ ★ ★ 


DUENDE responds to the 1928 lecture given by Federico Garcia Lorca about the Spanish concept behind Duende, which has no direct english translation. Devised by Amelia Donkor and Rachel Valentine Smith the piece offers a theatrical, visceral and bodily response to what it means to mark Art in the world at this moment in time, exploring race, racism, uncertainty and the practice of compassion.

Performed by Amelia Donkor 

Ali Graham Stage Management

Becca Palser  Stage Management

Christa Holka Production Photographer

Invisible Darkness  Production Videographer

Lachlan McCall Production Assistant

Luca Panetta Video and Lighting Design

Mark Leipacher  Producer for The Faction

Yaiza Varona  Sound Design and Composition

Duende ran as a part of a triple bill with Douglass by Bonnie Greer & Medea by Emily Juniper

This production was created as a new piece of work independently from a former version devised with Kate Sawyer.

A further performance was produced with funding from Worldmaking Beyond SOAS in May of 2022 that offered an exploratory carespace facilitated by Jess Mally post performance.  

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