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You are Here*
                *A Ballad of Belonging 
Audio ballad

A narrative audio piece that explores the notion of belonging through memory, place, nostalgia and long-distance telephone calls.

Listen to an extract here

Download a key here

authored • narrated • produced

Abolitionist Dinner Party
event/ website/ zine/ +

A community building project to expand conversations on abolition. The table was our canvas at our pot luck dinner party where friends and people new to each other took courage to talk, imagine and feast.

Website here

Zine here

curated • designed • produced

Waiting Room
Travelling installation

A waiting room travelled a pocket of South East London across two months and eight outings, for a total of 24 hours

A provocation exploring the politics of waiting, potential temporal borders + intimate revolutions, and in turn the politics of observation.

More here

conceived • produced

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