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A short film

One of two short films specially commissioned by The Lowry as part of the #LoveLowry programme and was available to audiences online for free.

Medea / Worn is adapted by Emily Juniper, and Euripides’ original text is transformed into a striking dialogue between Medea and her singing wedding dress that emerges as both an emancipatory call and expression of resistance. In directing this Rachel reimagined and revitalised the solo show from their repertoire, originally performed in 2016 at New Diorama Theatre who co produced the film. 

This pair of short films mark Rachel's professional screen directing debut.

For screenings etc please get in touch

Filmed predominantly in Salford and Greater Manchester during the 2021 lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Medea/Dress Anna Maria Nabirye
Costume Assistant Anna Dixon

Cinematographer Bani Mendy

Production Assistant Daniel Carter Hope
Sound Recording Ewerton Rodrigo Mendonca

Screenplay Emily Juniper

Designer Holly Pigott
Producer Mark Leipacher
Post Production Sound Max Pappenheim

Post Production Sound Oliver Cherer

Production Manager Rachel Pryce
Director Rachel Valentine Smith
Lighting Assistant Rebecca Slack
Composer Tingying Dong

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