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By Schiller. Translated by Daniel Millar and adapted by Mark Leipacher.
edited by Rachel Valentine Smith and Kate Sawyer

"Quite a triumph" ★★★★ Whats On Stage

JOAN OF ARC had three iterations. Firstly as an ensemble production in The Faction's 2015 repertory season, which was co-directed with Mark Leipacher. Secondly adapted as a solo play for The Faction's season of one -person shows, which also played in SCHILLERFEST.

Kate Sawyer Joan of Arc

Chris Withers  Lighting Design

Max Pappenheim  Sound Design

[◉"] Cameron Slater Photography 


Curated and co directed a festival of performance, rehearsed and semi-staged readings, talks and events celebrating Schiller's canon and its resonance for contemporary audiences. 

We bought together over 125 artists including Tom Burke, Celia Imrie and Dame Eileen Atkins along with The Faction ensemble. The festival was curated over a two week period at The Bunker Theatre.

 "Reminds us that Schiller looks back to Shakespeare and forward to John Le Carré...
★★★★ THE GUARDIAN on The Faction's production of Mary Stuart


The Faction has won critical acclaim and The Peter Brook Ensemble award for their work reviving Schiller's canon.

"The Faction turn their attention to joan of arc in this compelling, starkly stripped-back, modern dress production... Finding the mordant humour in the ego-driven power politics and a fresh visual shorthand, the production never relaxes its grip.”

★★★ The Independent

"All things must end this play tells us and sadly that is true of the faction’s repertory season, but as with Joan herself, this production will send them out in a blaze of glory"
★★★★ Reviewshub

"This innovative show about a warrior inspired by religion feels hauntingly topical"

Once a week theatre

"The ensemble feels threaded through the very skin of the production"

Ought to be clowns

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